Week 50/2017 - Python on Hacker News


The 5 most popular Python related submissions from 2017-12-11 to 2017-12-17.

  • Excel team considering Python as scripting language: asking for feedback
    • Microsoft Excel team reaches out for ideas, some user proposes Python support, topic blows up
    • I think this is very hard to do well
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  • Show HN: An educational blockchain implementation in Python
    • Another week - another blockchain in Python
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  • Show HN: Python library for functional programming
    • Looks nice and well thought out
    • In v1.0.0 since February this year
    • I’m not sure about the use-case though - when exactly do you end up with the need for writing code in functional style in a Python project?
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  • A workshop for scientific computing in Python
    • A project on GitHub with 13x Jupyter Notebooks
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  • Microsoft considers adding Python support to Excel
    • This is the same link the first submission, but without any discussion
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