Week 44/2017 - Python on Hacker News


The 5 most popular Python related submissions from 2017-10-30 to 2017-11-05.

  • Anvil: Full stack web apps built only with Python
    • Title basically says it all, looks cool
    • SAAS product ranging from a free plan to usd 149/month+
    • Expect to be locked in forever and start your site from scratch if you ever want to move out though
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  • Connecting to Google Sheets with Python
    • Reading and changing data stored in Google Spreadsheets using the gspread library, authentication via OAuth2
    • Nice solution to interface your Python script with data that can be entered and edited by regular users through their browser, in a familiar interface
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  • Show HN: Easy Webserver for Node.js, Python, PHP, with Free SSL
    • Uses nginx and a Docker container under the hood
    • Might be easy and fun to setup but I wouldn’t have much confidence in this for running an actual production site (security, configurability)
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  • Skulpt: Client side Python without preprocessing
    • An entirely in-browser implementation of Python, “No preprocessing, plugins, or server-side support required, just write Python and reload."
    • The use-case seems to be to provide a level of interaction for online language learning sites
    • Not of much use for me personally. When learning a new language …
      • I first just watch tutorials on YouTube
      • Then setup the development environment on my MacBook Pro
      • Finally I begin coding on the actual thing using the actual tools
    • With the world continuing to move to mobile - and therefor away from machines where users can actually install fully functional runtimes, interpreters or compilers - web-based tools like Skulpt are increasingly important
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  • Show HN: PySchemes – A library for validating data structures in Python
    • The Schematics and Voluptuous libraries are the more popular alternatives on GitHub
    • And there are tons of other alternatives
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