Week 41/2017 - Python on Hacker News


The 5 most popular Python related submissions from 2017-10-09 to 2017-10-15.

  • Go Python, Go: Stream Processing for Python
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  • HPAT – A compiler-based framework for big data in Python
    • From the comments: This framework generates MPI compliant code, which is intended to be sent out to a bunch of super-computer nodes and executed.
      • And I’m out
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  • A Lisp that runs Python (2016)
    • Author (chemical engineering scientist) wants to switch from Python to Lisp
      • Not sure what’s going on there …
    • He discovers he can execute Python within Lisp
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  • Show HN: Tably – Python script for converting .csv to LaTeX tables
    • Nice and easy code
    • No non-standard-library dependencies
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  • Python is the fastest growing programming language due to buffer protocols
    • Another blog post that builds upon <a href=“https://stackoverflow.blog/2017/09/06/incredible-growth-python/" target_“blank”>StackOverflow’s recent analysis
    • The argument is that it required a rewrite of PyBufferProcs through PEP 3118 for Numpy to be fast
      • This lay the base for the popularity of Python as a language for machine learning
      • Which drives the growth according to the SE post
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