Week 39/2017 - Python on Hacker News


The 5 most popular Python related submissions from 2017-09-25 to 2017-10-01.

  • Nuitka: a Python compiler
    • Transpiles Python to C, then links against libpython
    • Resulting in a 258% speed increase compared to CPython
    • I played around with Nuitka in 2015, never got it to compile anything complex back then (we then went with PyInstaller, a less elegant but working solution)
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  • Alice in Python projectland
    • Long article detailing how to setup a Python project and build a package
    • The interesting find (for me): pipenv, an improved packaging tool and replacement for pip and virtualenv
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  • An Unexpected Python ABI Change
    • ABI = Application Binary Interface
    • “Traditionally, the C API of Python will change with every release. Most changes will be source-compatible, typically by only adding API, rather than changing existing API or removing API (although some interfaces do get removed after being deprecated first). Unfortunately, the API compatibility does not extend to binary compatibility (the ABI). (…) As a consequence, extension modules need to be recompiled for every Python release." (source)
    • Changing these internals leads to problems for profiling tools like pyflame (generates flame graphs for Python)
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  • Emulate ICs in Python
    • ASCII art simulation of integrated circuits
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  • Setup.cfg – a solution to python config file soup?
    • It’s possible to use setup.cfg instead of a mix of .flake8, tox.ini, pytest.ini, .coveragerc, mypy.ini files
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