Week 37/2017 - Python on Hacker News


The 5 most popular Python related submissions from 2017-09-11 to 2017-09-17.

  • Why Is Python Growing So Quickly?
    • A follow up post to The Incredible Growth of Python from the week before
    • The field of data science seems to be the main reason (Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib)
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  • What’s New in Python 3.7
    • Version 3.7 is not released yet, 3.6.2 (released on 2017-07-17) is still the current release; so this is only a draft as of now
    • “Legacy C Locale Coercion” - some more cleanup to complete the move from ASCII to Unicode
    • “More than 255 arguments can now be passed to a function, and a function can now have more than 255 parameters." - probably only useful for automatic code generation
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  • Devs unknowingly use “malicious” modules snuck into official Python repository
    • What happens on npm is also possible on PyPi
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  • Natural Language Processing with Python updated for Python 3 and NLTK 3
    • The O’Reilly book from 2009 featured Python 2.5.1, now the online version has been brought up to date
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  • Functional Programming in Python [pdf]
    • Free 39 page book from O’Reilly
    • More info: Awesome Functional Python
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