Local Storage


A place to store your files.

Local Storage fixes something Apple left out when they released Files in iOS 11: The ability to store files locally on your device. Plus you get to extract zip/7z/tar archives. And hash files using md5/sha512/crc32/…

Released at the beginning of 2018 and open sourced later that year in April.

For more infos about Local Storage’s features visit the product website.


App screenshot


For free on the App Store.

All source code is available at GitHub if you want to build it yourself.

Tech Stack

  • App written in Swift 4.1 (in Xcode 9.3)
    • Using Apple’s UIKit framework
    • User interface based on Storyboards
    • English as the default language + a German localization
    • Bar chart display via Charts CocoaPod
    • Tree map display via YMTreeMap CocoaPod
    • Extraction of archives via SWCompression CocoaPod
    • Hash functionality via Apple’s CommonCrypto C-library
    • In-App Purchases via the StoreKit framework for “tip jar” functionality
  • Icons and images in Sketch
  • Version control and issue tracking in a public git repository on GitHub

Product Website

Product website screenshot



Tech Stack

  • Handwritten in Bootstrap 4, custom CSS
    • Developed in VS Code
    • Live reloading via Browsersync is a godsend
  • Some JavaScript usability improvments with JQuery
  • Imprint and privacy statement from eRecht24
  • Domain on Gandi, SSL certificates via LetsEncrypt
  • Hosted on Amazon AWS using S3, CloudFront, Certificate Manager and Route 53
  • No Google Analytics and therefor no cookies (so no stupid cookie banner is required, and the privacy statement also becomes rather simple)
  • Automated deployment through a s3cmd bash script
  • Version control in a private git repository on GitHub


As of 2018-04-11 Local Storage has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 (20 ratings) and 6x positive reviews in the App Store. Downloads total at 1175 with 80% of users being from Europe, 13% from USA/Canada, 3% from Asia Pacific and 2% from Africa/Middle East/India.

A nice blog appeared on MobiFlip.de about the app on 2018-03-05. And Local Storage was app of the day at iTopNews.de on 2018-03-06.