Everything new 2/3 - Business Cards


Creating and printing new business cards.

Illustrator screenshot

I designed them to be very similar to my website.

The font is Roboto Slab from Google Fonts.

The icons for phone/email/web are svg versions of FontAwesome glyphs. For searching suitable characters the official FontAwesome site is more helpful though.

For the backside I wanted a QR code that contains my vcard. Turns out this is not so easy. All the online generators I tried had a problem with Unicode characters. The “ü” in my first name never showed up correctly. In the end only QR Factory (macOS) was able to generate a correct QR code. And even here I was not able to embed a small image in the center of the code. iOS 11 never was able to pick up the vcard correctly.

This is what I wanted to do:

Unfortunatly not possible design

For size/orientation I just went with the regular 85x55mm/landscape, no point in sticking out here.

Ordered them online from FlyerAlarm (15,43eur for 100x is not bad). They have very comprehensive requirements concerning the file you upload though. If I had not worked at an advertising material & graphics design shop while at school I see myself getting discouraged before finishing my order.

This is the final result:

Final result