Everything new 1/3 - Website


Kicking off my second foray into entrepreneurship with a new brand identity.

Core goal of the redesign was present myself professional yet approachable. To not appear as some faceless corporation, instead making it personal. And to cut out all the bullshit, instead be focussed and minimalist.

Old setup

Safari old website screenshot

New setup

  • Hugo 0.25.1 as a static site generator
  • Forked hugo-goa (by Rajesh Shenoy)
    • Changed the social media section of the main page
      • Added Xing, Github and HN
      • Removed Facebook and Google+, no fan of those
    • CSS tweaks (outbound links icon, hover underline)
    • Added a cookie notice banner via cookiesDirective.js 2.0.1
      • Stupid but required by law in the EU
    • Updated Font Awesome to 4.7.0
    • Replaced all of the favicons and browser specific icon ressources
    • Implemented redirection from http to https via JavaScript
      • Not the optimal solution, I know
      • A 301 Moved Permanently isn’t possible however since I have no direct control over the webserver
      • Update 2017-10-01: AWS CloudFront now handles this redirection.
    • Replaced Hugo’s built-in Google Analytics template
      • Using IP anonymization is required by German law
  • Domain still via Gandi
  • Hosted on GitLab Pages
    • The nice thing is: Whenever I do a commit in the site’s repository GitLab’s build slave automatically re-generates and re-publishes my website
    • So contrary to their competitor GitHub Pages
      • … there is no need to upload static files into the repository
      • … I can update my site from any device that runs git, for example from my iPhone using Working Copy
    • And all of this is free, thanks!
    • Update 2017-10-01: Performance turned out to be not quite good enough. Moved to AWS. No more automated building for the moment.

Safari website screenshot

More content

Hopefully there will be opportunity to show off more of my work publicly.

To take part in open source projects.

And to write. Created a blog section on the site for this.

New profile pic

I wasn’t too happy the last time I went to a professional photographer to have my shot taken. Reluctantly paid 80eur for the one pic that wasn’t a complete failure and used it for the time being.

This time I wanted to try myself.

Took a couple of shots on my aging iPhone 6 with the iOS 10 stock camera. And after 2 hours of retouching with Photoshop I almost look presentable.

What do you think?

Photoshop avatar screenshot